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Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Don't let the Cam Newton signing distract you from the Patriots being the dirty cheaters that they are.

So weird that 17 minutes after being fined by the NFL $1.1 million and stripped of a third round pick in next years draft, the Pats sign 2015 league MVP Cam Newton. No coincidence at all. Do I think that they were discussing the thought of signing Cam? For sure. And I am really happy for Cam. I just can't get over the fact that as great as the Patriots have been this new century, they always find themselves in some bullshit.

I've been a Cam Newton fan for a very long time now. This move seemed inevitable. As the Patriots usually do, they find a stud football player at a discounted rate and will see if that stud can help the team win. I think Cam can do that. When healthy, Cam is a top 15 quarterback in this league. He has a rocket arm. Not always the most precise, but damn is it a missle. His long strides and chizzled figure makes him a gracious freight train in the open field. He's as big as d linemen, but a gifted, natural runner. It's a deadly combination, when used correctly, can win you an MVP award and guide a team to the Super Bowl.

But I don't think this move is as much of a home run as everyone thinks. Although he won't say it, I believe one of the main reasons Tom Brady left the Pats is their lack of talent at the skill positions. From the running backs to receivers, they have no good game speed. One of Brady's best attributes is precision, which Cam lacks and Brady had trouble converting with these skill players. Longtime offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia retired at the end of the 2019 season and he is known as the best offensive line coach in the NFL. I think that the offensive line will definitely take a step back and will have trouble protecting Cam who has been under pressure ever since Super Bowl 50. Pressure in the pocket leads to injuries and Cam has had a bunch over the past few years. It seemed to begin November 8, 2018 in a game against the Steelers. They came into that game with a 6-2 record (solid!) . they lost 52-21 and finished the season 7-9. Cam has been a shell of himself since that game, but I am hoping he can find it in New England.

It's hard not to think about how Cam will fit not only in the "Patriot Way" culture, but the city of Boston. Not to take shots, but it's been well documented about the racism athletes face when they either play against a New England team (cc Tori Hunter), or in Bill Russell's case, play in the city during the 60s where he referred to it as, "a flea market of racism." Boston is known for shunning black athletes so what happens when Cam throws his first pick? Doesn't make the game winning play? Doesn't get into the playoffs for the first time in 13 years!?!? I want to think positively, but come on it had to cross your mind. These fans have had arguably the best QB of all time and you still have idiots in the fanbase who would come at him. As far at the "Patriot Way", I see Cam doing what is asked. He will come in to work everyday and be a professional like he was for the Carolina Panthers. You know that Cam will risk his body on the field, play injured and be a solid teammate. That's all he's ever been and I don't see that changing in New England. He will compete for the starting job in camp and he will win the starting job in camp. When's the last time New England had a quarterback competition in the offseason?

Although I'm bummed that a former MVP is going to be making a league minimum salary this year that is heavy on incentives, I'm really happy that a black quarterback is back employed by the NFL. As the VP of BQBGOE, I love seeing my brothers winning on the field. Sue me! But I don't think this marriage in New England will last very long. While the Pats are looking at this like a good business decision with low risk, high reward, Cam HAS to be thinking the same thing. We already know the cheap ass Pats don't pay their quarterbacks. Brady been taking discounts since his third Super Bowl. You think with a good year they're gonna empty out the bank for Cam? Should they? YES! Will they? Helllllll no. And that's ok! We just want Cam to stay healthy and put himself in position to get a contract similar to what Teddy Bridgewater got this year from the Panthers (cringe....). The best case scenario is Cam has an efficient year passing (over 60% is good for him), run for like 500+ yards, throw for 24+ touchdowns, and get the stamp of approval from Bill Belichick. If these things happen, the following teams should be on line 1 when free agency opens in 2021: Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints (!!!), Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, the team in Washington, and the Tennessee Titans (if they can find a way out of the Tannehill contract similar to what Jags did with Nick Foles). Sounds like all the teams that should've been contacting him in the first place.

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